Webify Your Publications

optimize your static publications for mobile viewing

Many of society's most important documents are static pdfs ... 33% are never even downloaded.

We can convert them for you.


web searches

Ensure your published content is accessible to the public/researchers on mobile devices.


Demonstrate to funders that the research they supported has been disseminated widely.


Ensure content shows up in search results for increased visibility.

connect with the work

Allow people to connect to your organization through the published work itself.

Some documents you might consider webifying:

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We'll work with your team (in-house, consultant, or otherwise).

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We'll work within your current website's design & structure.

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We make it responsive - one microsite for both desktop and mobile devices.

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We'll optimize the chances that your document and its content will come up in a search.

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We believe accessibility and engagement mean simplicity - not bells & whistles.


it doesn't matter if it's 1 document ... or 1000 documents*

a ONE-TIME base setup fee

This covers working with your in-house web team, publishing setup, and talking about the look & interactivity you want.

(in other words ... the more documents you webify, the better the value)

+ $25
per page of content

This can be spread across numerous documents and includes text and static images.

(+ $100)
(optional add-on) per visual

Interactive charts or maps take your document to the next level of engagement. Turn on/off layers, labels, & filters ... way better than a static visual.

A few things we require:

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minimum of 4 pages of content

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another style, another base setup
stick with one style - one look (usually the look of your existing website) or we'll charge you another $150 per look!

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a dedicated staff person to work with us for 1-2 hours
s/he can point us to necessary files are and give us the web hosting information we might need.


For up to 20 pages of content, you can estimate a turnaround of 5-10 business days.

For more than 20 pages of content, show us your document/s and we'll send you a timeframe along with your quote.


Check out this sample site, this one, or this one's not so bad either.

Sound Good?

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why can't our web team do this in-house?

They could ... but if we come in, there's no hassle, and we don't disrupt your team's daily workflow. They're probably stretched thin as it is, and we actually enjoy doing the "grunt work" of sorting through the original document.

how many pages of content do we have?

Send us your document with the form above and we can give you an estimate.

we don't have a dedicated website personnel. can you still work with us?


wait - does that mean we have to redesign our entire website?

Nope. The webified publications stand alone as microsites linked intuitively to your existing website.